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Why seamless staff scheduling is vital in the manufacturing industry


With so many barriers to making a profit in the manufacturing industry, it’s worth sitting up and taking notice when a game-changer comes along. Such breakthroughs are not always headlined shifts in raw material costs, or the rent payments due on premises. Instead, revolutionary HR technology like scheduling and time packages for production line operatives can make significant efficiency improvements.

Optimizing productivity, while having a myriad of custom staff scheduling and reporting capabilities offers a big win to HR directors and management in the manufacturing world. A smooth production line process makes all the difference; in a competitive market, there’s no room for error.

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Why is accuracy important?

Imagine if your business worked out profit and loss calculations, and the prices of your products, based on staffing costs that may be inaccurate? With old-fashioned clocking in and out, you might be paying too much for staffing, which will skew your figures. Any future shifts in strategy based on those figures will also be wrong. With modern, hi-tech but easy-to-use time management solutions, you will ensure 100% accuracy in production line staffing costs.

Mitrefinch helps you monitor your people and processes

Our fully-developed software packages take the complexity out of HR requirements associated with scheduling and online time sheets. Here are six key benefits that will make a real difference to your bottom line.

  1. Improve productivity – Our software lets you see in real time how you’re currently staffed, enabling you to make on-the-spot decisions to improve performance.
  2. Track attendance – Clocking in and out functions, combined with unique staff entry systems give 100% accurate attendance data while reducing absenteeism and giving immutable proof of hours or overtime worked.
  3. Accurate forecasting – Use historical data to accurately forecast when you may be understaffed or overstaffed during your production cycle. Make changes to your shift planning accordingly to get exactly the right number of people working at any time.
  4. Reduce time theft – Our biometric devices can be combined with your software packages to ensure only the right people are clocking in or out at the right time. Eradicate any possibility of someone “double” clocking in for a colleague, or staff leaving for unscheduled breaks.
  5. Easy management – Our scheduling software comes with easy-to-use tools that allow managers to plan and deploy their workforce for maximum profitability.
  6. Greater workforce insight – Real-time and intelligent reporting, via our fully customizable dashboard, lets management regulate resources, thereby reducing unnecessary consumption and optimizing revenues for each shift.

Motivate your workforce

While the benefits for the business are clear, accurate time management engages your workforce, which understands transparency about their hours worked, punctuality and absenteeism is fair.

Ready to get started?

Contact Mitrefinch today to see how our cloud-based workforce time and management and HR solutions can enhance your digital transformation, bringing your staffing scheduling, and monitoring systems bang up to date.

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