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How to show gratitude to your employees during National Payroll Week


Do you know that more than 1.5 billion employees in Canada rely on payroll professionals for their pay? The payroll is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of employee management and is directly related to absence management. It goes without saying that the biggest motivator for people to work is not the desire for achievement or a sense of accomplishment; rather, the delight from receiving paychecks at the end of every month. Payroll professionals are the individuals that are responsible for managing the payrolls of all employees in a corporate organization to ensure that the organization runs like a well-oiled machine.

The National Payroll Week in Canada is here and the best thing that you can do to celebrate it is to say thank you to all your employees. Everyone who helped you achieve your corporate objectives and made sacrifices to ensure that the quality of work was not compromised should be rewarded with graciousness.

The National Payroll Week is celebrated at the start of every September for all employees who work their hardest to ensure that you get paid. Showing your gratitude in the form of organizing parties, celebrations, games and treats is the most common way to congratulate your employees for another great year and to help them look forward to another one with your organization.

Your firm must have employees who work behind the scenes and these payroll professionals work hard to roll out compensations every month. The payroll department is the one that ensures a smooth sailing and carving out a bit of time to thank them on the National Payroll Week is the least that you can do.

Here is how you can show your gratitude to your payroll professionals.


The National Payroll Week is not Christmas and many people don’t even know that it’s looming on the horizon. Spread the word that the National Payroll Week is approaching beforehand or near the date of the celebration to instill some semblance of excitement into your employees and to help them look forward to the festivities. However, how you are planning to show your gratitude is another story altogether. In any case, the first thing on your agenda should be to inform your employees that the company will be celebrating National Payroll Week in the coming week.

Express your gratitude

Say thank you by speaking up and telling each employee how great their work was. It is simple but effective way to acknowledge their work. Carve out a short portion from your day to express your gratitude and to ensure that your complimenting approach will yield better results in the next year too.

Educate and train

Most employees in an organization don’t fully appreciate or even know about the payroll department. They are often mentioned in hindsight, when a discussion about time and attendance management is going on. Tell employees from other departments how appreciative you are for the services rendered. Make an effort to explain the complexity of their jobs and what they do. You will be surprised with the results.

Give recognition to individuals

As a team, payroll professionals work spectacularly but you should discount the importance of praising individuals. Point out their specific roles on an individual basis and not just as a team.

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