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Time and attendance notifications and alerts: an effective tool for better HR management


Whether it is a small to medium business enterprise or a huge conglomerate, the workforce is the ultimate lifeline for any commercial or non-commercial organization. Human resource capital is the most critical success factor for any organization and without a competent, skilled and well-managed workforce, it is not possible for any organization to achieve its goals and visions and make the optimum use of its all other resources.

This signifies the importance of effective human resource management, coming as a greater compulsion upon managers and supervisors to distribute, locate, organize and mobilize their workforce in a way that leverages their efficiency and results in a combined growth at the employees and the organizations end alike. This is no easy job as managers have a lot to deal with and look after in tandem and ensure that each task is performed with absolute efficiency and on time.

Hence, it is essential to incorporate an automated system of workforce management operations that would make things easier at the manager’s end and would make them look after a variety of tasks in a better and more productive and profitable way.

The Time and Attendance system, along with the other automated benefits, has this special built-in function to generate accurate, automatic and customized notifications and alerts about each individual employee and the overall workforce. This way, it can be an effective scrutinizing tool for the managers to keep track of small tasks and minor instances and stay informed about their workforce and the working operations within the organization.

Here are a few benefits of time and attendance notifications and alerts for more effective human resource management:

  • The time and attendance system issues an instant notification if an employee is absent or has not timed in as per the schedule
  • The time and attendance system notifies the managers in the case of a decrease or deficiency in the specified or required strength of employees on site or for a specific task
  • The time and attendance system notifies the managers about over times and extra productivity in real-time
  • The time and attendance alerts are effective in indicating the less productive and deficient areas, enabling the management to take better measures to overcome the flaws and discrepancies
  • The time and attendance notifications and alerts can be customized as per your business or managerial needs. For instance, depending on the industry you are operating in or the nature of tasks, the time and attendance alerts keep you notified about the information that you need to know in a timely manner
  • The time and attendance alerts and notifications also enable the managers and supervisors to maintain effective, smooth and timely communications with the employees. For instance, upon receiving an alert, the manager can instantly get in touch with the concerned employees through one-on-one messaging, or regulate a massive correspondence with the targeted group of employees
  • The time and attendance notifications can also be responded through a generic message delivered to the entire workforce

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