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Three Reasons You Need to Evaluate Your Current HR System


With efficient HR software, a company automates its manual tasks and ensures vigilant compliance of company policies at all times. These tasks, if done manually, can take up a lot of time of HR personnel and makes employee management a tough job.

From the time-consuming management of employee records, on-boarding new employees to scheduling shifts and creating schedules, even the simplest of all tasks become highly daunting and complicated.

If your company is currently investing a lot of valuable business time in dealing with these tasks, leaving out the focus on many strategic initiatives of HR, then it means that your current HR software is failing to shoulder your growing business requirements, and its time you must evaluate your current HR system.

If you are wondering about the features of a competent HR software such as offered by Mitrefinch, then don’t get fascinated by all the whistles and bells, as we share with you the top 3 must-have features that your current HR software clearly lacks, and your new HR system must provide.

HR Self Service

The feature of HR self-service is an excellent time-saver for HR department. With a self-service feature there will be less reliance on HR by the employees for their many administrative support tasks. These tasks may include:

  • Employees updating and controlling their relevant information through self-service portal
  • Employees can receive all of their personal information at one place including, training, probation, personal information or disciplinary actions
  • Allowing employees to access vacation and leave records, manage absence and vacation planning, check remaining leaves and easily raise leave requests, saving effort and time

The HR self service feature not only empowers employees but also facilitates the employee management relation in an effective manner.

Report Generation

Efficient HR software never compromises on generating updated information. It makes the required data accessible to employees as well as management, at all times. The availability of updated information helps employees in managing their business as usual whereas facilitating management in making timely and sound business decisions.

This powerful feature of an HR system helps in planning for the future and analyzing performance. Besides the standard reports, management can choose to get reports about every aspect of a business, whether demanding on the spot, or receiving it daily automatically.

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance management becomes hassle free with HR software that allows you to adhere to all the laws and regulations, whether it is industry specific or others, eliminating the risk of legal actions or frauds at all levels of the business.

The system’s feature will update changing compliance issues and even empowers the management to update any of the company regulation if the company’s processes change. This allows the management as well as employees to stay updated with the laws and adhere to them.

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