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Your guide to switching to a better Time & Attendance provider


Your Time and Attendance system represents critical elements of your day-to-day operations, handling sensitive data and requiring speed and accuracy in processing. Failing to get either of these elements right can have significant negative impacts on both your organization and your people, can put you at risk of non-compliance and could contribute directly towards decline in levels of engagement, motivation and wellbeing, as well as directly impacting your bottom line and security.

With the impact of “getting it wrong” so pronounced, it’s no wonder that many businesses may be reluctant to change their Workforce Management provider, preferring to stay with outdated or unsuitable solutions than risk potential disruption to their working processes. But long-term, just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best could cause serious problems for the long-term health of your business and your security

When to consider a switch?

The most common reasons for switching your Workforce Management system and supplier may include:

Disappointing Support – Working with technology unfortunately can come hand in hand with expecting things to go wrong sometimes. Now whilst no supplier can guarantee 100% that downtime, outages or errors won’t occur, their commitment to providing ongoing and effective support and communication is absolutely a metric by which you should judge them. An inability from your current supplier to respond efficiently and swiftly to issues in their service should be a determining factor in your considerations to stay with them.

Lack of system scalability -. If you find your organisation expanding in headcount, moving across multiple sites, or growing through merger & acquisition, it’s a perfect time to assess the suitability of your current set up and whether it has the capacity to grow alongside the needs of your business. Don’t get caught out by sudden expansion of your headcount without having assessed the capability of your Time & Attendance software.

Lack of trust in the security of your system – No matter the size of your organization, data breaches are a very real threat. Whether as a result of mismanagement, poor security setups or simply down to outdated and unsuitable solutions, businesses across all industries should assess the potential risks of weak cybersecurity, and the impact this can have on their most sensitive employee and personal data and the hours it takes to put breaches right. Could you afford to waste hours and hours manually processing what should be instantaneous? What is your security worth?

Lack of integration – Organizations that are currently using separate, non-integrated systems for tracking worked hours and for payroll processing will likely be suffering inefficiencies, manual data errors and lost time that could be solved with an integrated system. What if your clocking system, Time & Attendance solution was seamlessly connected to save your admin teams time and headaches?

Systems that slow you down – Maybe it’s time to look at a more modern solution and see if you could gain productivity from an advanced technology such as real-time payroll processing.

What’s next?

At Mitrefinch, we understand that taking that next step and making a change in your workforce management solutions can be a daunting prospect.

We also know that you deserve to reach greater heights of productivity and profitability and to achieve this, sometimes requires taking a bold step and asking some hard questions about your current solution.

Fundamentally, it’s all about choosing a provider who puts your needs first and is supporting you in helping ensure that your employees are paid on time and accurately for their hours worked.

Our Time and Attendance solution has been designed specifically for you to achieve more with your business. We believe in empowering your people and giving them the tools they need to thrive and help drive forward the success that your organization deserves. We’re committed to constant innovation and refinement of our solutions and with our dedicated support team always on hand to help, you never have to worry about your workforce management needs outstripping the capability of our software.

To find out more about how Mitrefinch’s Time and Attendance software solutions can transform your Workforce Management processes, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

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