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Best Christmas Party Ideas for a Diverse Workplace


All work and no celebration are not fun! When it’s about a diverse workplace, social activities are best to bring colleagues together and bring more cohesion to your work teams. For this, the best upcoming opportunity is this Christmas season when you can arrange some exciting celebrations at your workplace.

Even though in a diverse workplace there are different types of people, holding different religious beliefs, diets, hobbies and political preferences, you can still arrange some amusing activities and celebrations by making the most of small opportunities to celebrate and mingle together.

To bring a positive impact on this Christmas celebration, you have to be creative and a lot more thoughtful. So, how do you plan to bring in the Christmas spirit in your diverse workplace?

Well, here are some of the ideas you can easily incorporate!

Christmas Photo Booth

We know you can always manage with a traditional Christmas party but why not make it more entertaining! Get a photo booth full of Christmas props and if you like to get more participation from your employees, you can ask each department or team to create one of their own using as much creativity as they can. For this, you may go with ideas like a big festive backdrop, elf ears, Santa beard, Rudolph nose and others.

A Christmas Potluck Lunch

A Christmas potluck lunch is a great way to provide diverse employees an opportunity to mingle and know each other, especially if you don’t arrange such events too often. Ask your employees to show their culinary skills and share the food with all other employees. Interested employees can easily sign up and all employees can enjoy a variety of food that is native to their home countries. To bring in some more fun, you can always combine this festive lunch with other fun alternatives such as Ugly Christmas Sweater Day or Secret Santa.

Decorate Your Cubicle or Work Area Contest

This has always been a fun activity, especially in a clean work environment. Christmas cheer will spread all over the place as employees decorate their work area, rooms, cubicles or windows. Keep a fun and exciting competition and announce that the winner shall be decided by voting of other employees. What’s the reward? Well, for this you may go with vouchers, movie tickets, or gift certificates (maybe a small gift) followed by a gift ceremony, which can also be arranged in conjunction with an alternative or above-listed celebration ideas in a diverse workplace.

However, make sure if the competition is on team level then prize shall be the one that can be shared among team members.

In a nutshell, if your company employs people from a diverse range of background, all of these fun activities can easily be incorporated this Christmas holiday season.


Also, make sure you involve everyone in your planning process. Because a good celebration is the one that is well-organized, you may take the assistance of some advanced software tools such as the one offered Mitrefinch. This will particularly be helpful in managing and planning events, scheduling these parties and their timely execution more effectively and without hindering the usual business operations.

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