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Labour Costing

Our Time Allocation System (TAS) lets you track and record employee working time against specific jobs, projects or tasks, helping you improve your labour costing accuracy and boost productivity.


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How does it work?

TAS records time spent on a task

It provides a way for employees to ‘punch in’ to the task they’re performing. This is different from time and attendance clockings and won’t affect those in any way. The TAS clockings simply record time spent on a task, so you can see which employees and departments in your organization are most efficiently using their workday (and which ones aren’t). By comparing planned vs. actual working time, you can ensure projects stay on budget and accurately pay employees different rates depending on the tasks they perform.


What it can do for your organization

Improve on project productivity

Tracking productivity is an essential task. Using TAS allows you keep track of the time spent on every part of the project or job so you can immediately identify if a task is taking longer than anticipated. This means you can quickly implement positive changes to ensure the project or job stays on track.

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“Mitrefinch’s Time & Attendance software system saves a great deal of time and produces accurate information at the touch of a button, rapidly reducing labour and administrative costs."

Katina Styles – Human Resources Director at Axminster

Eliminate time fraud

Biometric time and attendance

Get complete trust in your time and attendance records with a biometric time clock. By using biometric tech you can put a stop to any instances of “buddy punching” (where one employee punches in for another) as it uses unique fingerprint characteristics to register the employee.


Everything comes back to time

Employee time and attendance software

Get better operational control and support for the day-to-day management of your workforce with our fully customizable solutions.

Platforms & Services

Whatever the needs of your organization, we can help you set up and implement the right platform and hardware.

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