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Employee time and attendance tracking software

Time and attendance tracking software so reliable you can set your watch by it. Get better operational control and support for the day-to-day management of your workforce with time and attendance solutions supported by biometric fingerprint and RFID access options.


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How does time and attendance software work?

It saves time through automation

Our flexible time management system (TMS) has near limitless insight and reporting capabilities that allow you to actively take charge of the countless elements that can affect productivity. It’ll help you track time and attendance with ease through the automation of attendance processes and highlight areas where processes need to change.


Keep productivity going

Easily manage your mobile workforce

Using our mobile workforce solutions, you can be up and running quickly and immediately start tracking your remote staff hours, attendance or sickness.


What it can do for your organization

It gives you the tools you need for effective employee scheduling

Our time and attendance tracking software accommodates the way that your organization works, letting you schedule based on skills, pay rates, and availability. It allows you to keep within predefined budgets with automated system alerts as budgets are exceeded. Download our brochure for more information

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We have benefited from implementing Mitrefinch by eliminating manual entry errors, and by getting accurate reports on employee punches and hours worked.

Mark Chayer - Credit and Corporate Services Manager at Central Precast

Eliminate time fraud

Biometric time and attendance clocks

Get peace of mind with your time and attendance tracking by using a biometric time clock. Using biometric technology puts a stop to “buddy punching” (where one employee punches in for another) as it uses unique fingerprint characteristics to register the employee. Giving you complete trust in your attendance records.
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Unlock next level workforce analytics

MF Analytics is a powerful workforce analytics tool which provides timely, actionable data insights direct to key decision makers. Leverage powerful data analytics, including predictive analytics and AI, to deliver you workforce intelligence like never before. Our technology stack handles large data volumes with ease and turns raw data into actionable insights.

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Track labour costs

Labour costing

Our Time Allocation System (TAS) will allow you to track employee working time against specific jobs, projects or tasks. This lets you record the time spent on a task, which allows for more accurate job costing. This provides managers valuable insight on how much working time is spent on specific tasks allowing for better operational planning.

Time and attendance software features


Clocking options

Use one of our proximity or biometric terminals or our many other clocking options

Time Off Management

Self-service features allow for simple time off requests and approvals

Time Allocation System (TAS)

Track all jobs and projects based on cost and hours worked

Document Storage

Securely store, manage, and report on all employee details in one place

Stay compliant

Maintain regulatory compliance with set rules and alerts

Real-time reporting

All your workforce data available with up-to-the minute details

Details and specification

  • Security
  • Hosted solutions
  • Support

We take your security seriously

Attention to detail and dedication to the security of our customers is very important to us and we’re proud to have received accreditation for our efforts.

ISO9001 Quality System Management

Accreditation ISO9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems, scrutinizing all areas of business life. We’ve been ISO9001 accredited since 2009

ISO14001 Environmental Management

Accreditation ISO14001 is an internationally recognized standard for the development of an effective Environmental Management System and it exists as a framework to assist organizations in developing their own environmental management system. We gained ISO14001 accreditation in 2011.

ISO27001 Information Security Management

Accreditation ISO27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management. We gained ISO27001 accreditation in 2015.

It’s all about your needs

Our employee time and attendance solutions can be hosted by us or managed by you on your sites, but our hosted customers benefit from:

Nightly backups of the system

These will be held for 30 days, so you won’t have to stress about losing any of your data should the worst happen

A quick turnaround

There will be a build of the environment within a few days of contract signature (we don’t like to waste time).

Monitoring and on-call resource

Get 24/7 monitoring and on-call resource to deal with “system down” issues 365 days a year.

99.95% uptime

That’s a 99.95% uptime of virtual machines. (We’re working on the 0.05%.)


We have a recovery point objective (RPO) of 36 hours and a recovery time objective (RTO) of 24 hours.

We're here for you

We aim to create a long-lasting partnership with every Mitrefinch customer to ensure your Mitrefinch software and systems grow with your organization’s needs for years to come.

Canadian-based support desk

Get help from our friendly team by phone or email, or check our dedicated support portal for answers to your questions.

A dedicated account manager

Every Mitrefinch customer is assigned a dedicated account manager, there to assist you and help you to keep realizing the full potential of your Mitrefinch investment

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team of consultants, engineers and project managers are here to support you. You can also sign up to our subscription-based Virtual Assist and In-Project Response services to get assistance when you need it most.

Platforms & services

Whatever the needs of your organization, we can help you set up and implement the right platform and hardware.

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