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How to Keep Track of Your Mobile Workforce?

How to Keep Track of Your Mobile Workforce

The concept of a business organization being confined within the premises of an office has long become outdated. The advancing technology has revolutionized the patterns of business operations and organizational management. While employee management was once considered as solely a human job, it is now efficiently being performed through smart systems and applications.

The incorporation of technology has improved the productivity, profitability as well as the quality of operations. Not only has that it also allowed the business leaders and managers to improvise on the old-school methods of business management. The concept of remote employees, remote working and mobile workforce that was impossible in the past has now become possible with workforce management solutions.

Tracking a Mobile Workforce

Since a mobile workforce is scattered over various areas, locations or vicinity, a manual system of tracking your off-the-premises employees means that you will have to emphasize a great deal on the communication. You will have to ensure that all on-field employees are engaged into a loop of real-time communication and that all tasks, operations, feedback, alerts and notification related to work are efficiently being reported and addressed. This in itself is quite a tedious task and involves a high probability of operational loops and erroneous recording. Furthermore, there is also a high risk of miscommunication that may lead to a hassle or disruption in the on-field tasks. Therefore, the smartest way to efficiently track and manage your mobile workforce is to do it through a smart and automated workforce management system.

Benefits of Tracking the On-Field Employees through a Workforce Management System

A smart workforce management system works online, as well as in offline mode. This ensures that even if your employees are working in rural vicinity with low or no connectivity, the system will still track their location and task-related operations in real-time. All the information being recorded is instantly reported to you and makes it convenient for you to stay informed about all the tasks and analyze the pace of progress and productivity. Here are some of the key benefits of a workforce management system in tracking the mobile and on-field workforce.

Time and Attendance Functions

A workforce management system automates the regular time and attendance recording functions and eliminates the essential requirement for employees to drop in at the office premises every day to mark their attendance then heading out to the work field and operational sites.

Accurate Data Recording

The system ensures real-time recording of data on smart functional algorithms and leaves no room for any error or discrepancy in the process of data recording.

High Accountability

The workforce management system keeps a consistent check and control on employees. This ensures a higher level of accountability and ensures that the employees best, up to their utmost potential.

Instant and Improved Customer Service

A real-time knowledge about the current location of your employees helps you address the customer issues in a more prompt and instant way. For instance, if a customer needs an at-home technical service or support, you can conveniently track your employee present in the vicinity and notify them to resolve the customer’s issue.

Better Scheduling and Shift Management

A workforce management system helps you in the placement of employees in the field, task allocation and allows you to your work and employee shifts in a way that optimizes the performance and productivity.

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