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Statutory Holidays and Their Effect on Workplace Productivity

Statutory Holidays and Their Effect on Workplace Productivity

Absences and holiday, without a doubt, can be rendered as the most unpleasant words for an organization. Leaves and absences do cast an adverse impact on the productivity often bringing the entire process to an abrupt halt, especially if the employee was employed in a special capacity. On the other hand, public holidays and statutory holidays, often come at a dual cost for the organization: first, no work, and second, the employees’ entitlement to a full day’s pay, as per the state regulations. In such circumstances, it comes as a huge compulsion upon organizations to prepare for the planned holidays beforehand, so as to avoid suffering from a performance decline.

Statutory Holidays in Canada, Compensatory Allowances and Effect on Productivity

Canadian employees are considered as the least privileged when it comes to statutory holidays. This might be primarily because of the statutory leave laws that differ for different provinces of Canada. However, all provinces mandate the organizations to pay their workforce for all non-worked statutory holidays. Working on a statutory holiday is absolutely a matter of an employee’s will and consent. If a shift worker works on a statutory holiday, they will be entitled to an additional premium pay against each hour worked on the holiday. Despite the fact that Canada offers the least number of statutory holidays, the situation often comes as no less than a dilemma for the employers. Not only do they have to deal with sustaining production during the statutory holidays, by also have to go through a haul of 5-14 types of different calculations in terms of statutory compensation. This is an indispensable task and a matter of legal compliance and therefore, requires accurate and thorough evaluations. Statutory leaves and paid time-offs cast a positive impact on the morale and motivation of the employees. Here are some strategies for workforce managers to boost and sustain their organizational productivity during and after the holiday season.

Bring Slight Changes in Your Regular Working Hours

Allowing your employees with lenient working hours as per their convenience and incorporating a little flexibility in job designs will reduce unplanned absenteeism right before the peak holiday season.

Request Overtime or Compensatory Work Strictly if Necessary

Overtimes will bear a cost that might not generate any significant results. Evaluate the significance and value of outcomes an overtime is likely to generate.

Keep a Check on the Employees’ Performance before the Holidays

Ensure that your employees do not waste their active working hours booking hotels online before their vacation. Keep a strict check on regular performance and productivity.

Communicate the Organizational Needs and Expectations to Your Employees

Convey the status of growth and performance of the organizations to your employees and also elaborate on the need for optimized performance and efficiency.

Allow an Early-Off

Allow your employees to leave when they have finished their work. This will motivate the employees to complete their tasks before time and ensure 100% performance before the holiday season.

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