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How to Manage Different Shifts and Multiple Work Schedules?


How to Manage Different Shifts and Multiple Work Schedules? In today’s organizations, the typical shifts of 9 to 5 cannot cut it anymore. Now, if you really want your business to be productive or flourish, you need to have flexible schedules comprising of day and night shifts. This makes proper management of different shifts and multiple schedules one of the most complex tasks assigned to today’s managers. If a manager wants to increase productivity, keep employees motivated and to optimize output – all at once – they must schedule the workforce smartly. This is even more important when your workforce works in different rotating shifts or if you have to manage multiple work schedules on daily basis.

Here are some proven ways to smartly carryout the scheduling of the workforce and to keep a leveled productivity at all times:

Get proper insight of labor and work requirements

Before you start scheduling or managing shifts of your workforce, the foremost need is to know the requirements of labor in terms of your business dynamics. You need to first figure out the times when your workforce is required the most, what your operational frequency is and how much labor potential is necessary to carry out the smooth operations. Once you get an insight of your work requirements, only then you can effectively manage the workforce schedules and different shifts.

Map out schedules in advance

Being proactive in handling business matters is always advantageous. The same goes for managing the different shifts and multiple schedules of the workforce. If you map out the workforce schedule in advance, it will help the workforce in ensuring their presence accordingly. It will help them in adjusting their personal plans and framing them around professional commitments. Similarly, the manager can also adjust the schedules to incorporate employee requested changes in terms of leaves, overtime or others and this eventually help in avoiding productivity loss or downtime.

Proper communication

The main challenge usually faced by managers is the improper communication of schedules which results in the improper availability of working staff. It is imperative that the schedules are easily accessible by the workforce. Also for managers, they must have the contact information of their workforce so that they can communicate the schedule of shift changes in a timely and promising manner. However, organizations which already have relevant software in place, easily manage the contact information of employees which is only accessible by relevant authorities and at all times.

Automate the scheduling process

Organizations which aim at managing the work schedules in order to meet production requirements should integrate automate and mechanize the scheduling process – something that needs adjustments on daily basis. For this, many organizations are now utilizing the time management software such as offered by Mitrefinch. This software is not only efficient in automating the roster and planning management but also to get accurate reports. The management of various shifts and multiple schedules, by means of such software tools, are far more efficient than handling this daunting task manually.

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