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How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Clocking In and Out

How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Clocking In and Out

We all have had the experience of marking attendance for that friend who sneaked out of an important lecture, back in our school and high school days. And many of us, if not all, have had a classmate who always made efforts to forge his grades on the result to make them appear as decent and acceptable.

As it is said that our childhood habits do not essentially change throughout the life, the school kids of the past might still be repeating their habits today. How? Let’s cast a look over our workplaces. Time thefts and attendance frauds have become a growing concern for organizations worldwide. No matter what stringent procedures they incorporate in the basic design, some employees always find a way to breach the accuracy and privacy of time and attendance records.

The Various Faces of Time Theft in the Workplace

Buddy punching, inflating work hours, unscrupulous data entry and also, the human errors are just some of the ways to manipulate time and attendance entries.

This clearly indicates that the actual problem lies in the way employees time themselves (or their friends) in and out of the workplace every day. Aside from these, there is another way you employees might manipulate their work hours and it happens mostly in organizations that are still operating their time and attendance functions on paper time sheets.

The manual method of recording the time and attendance entries involves a great room for compromised recording. An employee might arrive at 8:30 and write the arrival time as 8:00. The organizations following the employee clocking systems are also prone to similar challenges.

An employee who departs the workplace earlier than the specified regular time might not clock out on the system. This way the system does not record the time of departure of the employee. Even if the theft comprises of a mere half an hour on a regular basis, the resultant combined effect will make the organization pay for hours during which the employee was not even present at the workplace.

How to Ensure Accurate and Error-Free Time Recording at Workplace?

Smart automation is the ultimate solution to fix all your time and attendance related issues. You can conveniently replace your manual and old school methods of time recording through smart, automated and efficient time and attendance systems. A time and attendance system not only automated the regular time and attendance recordings, it also generates regular alerts about the employees who did not clock in or clock out on the day.

This way, it becomes convenient for you to keep a track of present, absent as well as late coming and early-leaving employees. This accurate and real-time tracking is automatically recorded in the system and you can retrieve the information anytime to inquire the employees involved in time thefts on solid and factual evidence.

Since the recordings are automatically made through the smart and computerized functional algorithms of the system, an automated time and attendance system nullifies the probability of human errors or recording discrepancies.

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