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Conflict Resolving Measures for Effective Workforce Management

Conflict Resolving Measures for Effective Workforce Management

Conflicts, issues, and difference of opinions and interests often create an indivisible rift between the organization and the employees. Be it over a major or minor issue, any conflict or disagreement may create an unpleasant situation within the organization. It not only affects the overall environment and productivity of the organizations, but might also impose a lawsuit on the organization if the state’s business regulatory agencies intrude to come to the employee’s rescue. This way, it only brings a bad reputation to the organization in the market, and casts an adverse impact on the overall morale of the employees.

It is essential for organizations and managers to incorporate certain practices to minimize the probability of a conflict and sustain a fair and symbiotic organizational culture. Here are some effective tips and measures for organizations to improve their conflict resolution mechanism.

Ensure Clarity and Consistency in Policies and Procedures

Organizations need to devise a logical and elaborate system of policies and procedures, and any reformation, amendment, or alteration in the prevalent designs should be based on a factual rationale. Engaging employees in the strategy making process is also a good practice, and helps the organization devise a set of standard operating procedures that are not only acceptable and convenient for the employees, but also deliver according to the organization’s vision and goals.

Incorporate an Accurate and Error-Free System of Information Recording

Organizations and managers need to put a greater emphasis on the fairness and accuracy of data and information, and improve their archives and record keeping functions. A majority of conflicts arise due to the erroneous recording of data and information, especially in the time, attendance, working hours, and overtime information entries. A smart approach to improved and accurate record keeping tasks is to automate your information systems. Applications and tech-based systems, such as a time and attendance system, not only eliminates the probability of an error or compromised entries, but also maintains a fair, unbiased, timely, and accurate record of each employee, their working hours, overtimes, and productivity.

Watch out for the Escape Clauses

Keep a strict check and balance on your operational designs and working procedures to find and fix any major or minor dysfunctions or discrepancy that may turn into a bigger problem in future. Your management procedures should be run in strict compliance with the organization’s standard operating procedures, and any fluctuation or flaw should be removed just in time to prevent it from turning into a problem or conflict.

Keep Your Communication Channels Open

An effective, superfluous, and timely two-way communication is the key to foster an environment of mutual trust and understanding. It makes the management and employees stand on a common ground and address and resolve issues in a more effective and mutually agreeable manner.

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