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Biometric time and attendance systems

Forget passwords and pins, with biometric time and attendance you can speed up punching in and finally leave behind old, ineffective, inefficient processes. This means you can say goodbye to delays and issues due cards being lost or passwords and pins forgotten as it’s very difficult to lose your own fingerprint. Not only will it speed up punching in, but it also helps increase the accuracy of your time and attendance data and improve security on your sites.

Mitrefinch's time & attendance software can give you:
-Real-time visibility into your workforce
-Reduced labour costs
-Increased productivity

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Lumidigm sensors

In the past, traditional, outdated fingerprint sensors could be fooled with a spoofed fingerprint, but the multispectral imaging technology can’t be tricked in this way. We use market-leading Lumidigm sensors in our biometric time and attendance systems. These sensors aren’t fooled by faked fingerprints, and work under water, if you have dirt or oil on your fingers, and even work if you’re wearing latex gloves.



How it works

It doesn’t actually use fingerprints. The system works by storing fingerprint templates built from defined data points, so the actual fingerprint is never retained ensuring employee privacy. Contrary to popular belief, this template can’t be reconstructed back to the original fingerprint image – it's not the same as fingerprint information stored by the police, for example. When a finger is placed on the sensor, the system checks key points against the templates on file to see if there’s a match.



Eliminate buddy fraud

With biometric time and attendance buddy fraud becomes a thing of the past. There are no cards or login details to lose or share with another so they can punch in a friend. The person in question must be physically present in order to punch in and out so you can be assured accuracy in your data and that only the right people are getting access to the right places.

Track time on tasks

Fingerprints vs. facial recognition

Compared to facial recognition, using fingerprints seems almost low-tech, yet the accuracy of fingerprint sensors is greater than that of facial recognition. Fingerprints don’t need updating every time an employee changes their appearance, the sensors aren’t confused by a change in lighting and they can work come rain or shine. For a busy workplace, fingerprint biometrics are far more efficient and also don’t require as much data storage as facial recognition systems.

Available as a desktop clocking station

Not only can you use time clock terminals (ideal for larger companies) but the biometric time and attendance also works with desktop time clock stations, perfect for locations with less staff. It can be used with communal PCs or for use by a single employee. Much like the larger terminals, it ensures accuracy and security as only the right fingerprints can ensure access.

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