How can you benefit from a Workforce Management System?

The reasons for integrating an automated Time & Attendance system will vary depending on your organizations' working patterns and unique requirements. But whatever the nature of your business, you can rest assured that a Mitrefinch Time & Attendance system and related employee management products will help your organization run more smoothly and efficiently.

With Mitrefinch users are enabled to track their time from a PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, wherever there is cell or Internet service. Information is stored in the database, where administrators, managers, and employees can access it immediately. Real-time access to workforce data enables management to efficiently manage employees and shifts, and be notified immediately when there are staff shortages, open shifts, or absence recurrences. 

The software can be configured to recognize the unique policies within your organization, and can send you an alert when employee data suggests that someone is violating rules. For example, time tracking software can ensure that employees and managers are notified if a worker is close to using his or her vacation, sick, or personal time allotments. Not only does this improve attendance, but it also reduces the risk of human error.

There are a variety of different ways to capture your company's data.  At Mitrefinch, we work with you to create a tailor-made solution that complements the unique needs of your business.  Some of the main ways to collect employee data include:


  • Wall-mounted Terminals - biometric fingerscan, swipe card or proximity fob
  • Mobile Solutions - smart phone/ tablet, and email
  • Touch Screen Kiosks - can be located around the shop/production floor
  • PC-based options - PC clock in and Online Timesheets



Key things Mitrefinch Workforce Management can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences              HR                  Mobile                Labour              Biometrics


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