Time Allocation System (TAS)

The ability to accurately manage performance and cost jobs is an extremely valuable strategic asset.  Measuring how your departments and employees spends their time and how efficient they are in completing projects or tasks allows you to make knowledgeable decision on production priorities.  

Our powerful Time Allocation System allows you to track daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres, compare tasks and budgets with those already achieved, and track projects by hours, quantity, or cost.


Key Benefits include:


  • Accurate calculation of production costs for accurate client quotations and billing

  • Reduces costs through labour planning and overtime control

  • Visual display for easy access to information - data can be viewed as graphs, planners or custom reports

  • Users can clock in and out of different cost centres by specific terminal, PC, PDA, smart phone or tablet

  • Regulatory Compliance - remote staff can register travel time to adhere to company policy

  • Supports management accounting function
  • A real-time view of work in progress is available to managers. Easy set-up, using wizards. Text and diagrammatic display, with user-defined colours. Information can also be viewed as graphs or planners

  • The future work planner can be used to plan daily and weekly tasks including multiple cost centres and staff deployment according to budget

  • Powerful wizard-driven custom report generator makes obtaining meaningful management information quick and easy

  • Project analysis module can track projects and sub-projects by hours, quantity or cost, and can display a grid or a graph with items over budget/estimate highlighted in red

  • Users can clock on and off jobs or in and out of cost centres by specific terminal, PC, PDA, smart phone or tablet

  • Mobile and remote staff can register travel time for payroll purposes and compliance with Work Time Regulations

  • Categories can be set up as type (e.g. department, cost centre, job) or as quantity (e.g. number of items manufactured)

  • Worked hours, absence hours, or both can be selected

  • Key mappings allow use at a single workstation or in multiple locations

  • Work record shows an hours breakdown summary (i.e. the total basic and overtime hours worked by employees and allocated to each category)

  • Work record shows an hours bands breakdown (i.e. when, from start to end of shift, employees actually worked)


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