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To support today’s flexible working practices such as job-sharing, and remote offices, Mitrefinch's time and attendance system is available with web functionality, allowing your organization to monitor the working time and attendance of all employees, and automate time-intensive administrative tasks.  

The time saved can be allocated to high-level strategic issues that make a real difference to your organization’s bottom line. Our web product is available as fully integrated solution or as separate module.


Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency- employees clock in and out of cost centres automatically
  • Reduction in labour cost– increased productivity and punctuality and decrease in absenteeism
  • Reduction in administration time– employees request leave and explain absences while supervisors oversee anomalies and authorize or decline requests automatically
  • Allows accurate forecasting- by department workload, resources and budget
  • Flexible clocking on options- by internet, mobile phone, PDA or XDA, intranet, PC, biometrics terminal, proximity fob, or swipe card technologies
  • Records absences- and builds absence profiles with multiple viewing selections, by department, group or absence occurrence
  • Full reporting and graphic module, including standard reports such asThe Bradford Factor
  • Ability to run ‘what if’ scenarios and update future changes immediately
  • A dedicated team of support technicians who always go the extra mile to get you back on track
  • A flexible range of maintenance options will give you complete peace of mind at a price you can afford


Key Features

  • Integrates with the Time Allocation System (TAS), enabling real-time project tracking and analysis of employee activity in any location

  • Employees clock in and out, on and off tasks, appointments or projects

  • Empowers your employees to request leave, shift and work record changes themselves, subject to supervisor authorization

  • Employees can check own attendance information such as vacation entitlements, absence history and planned leave, etc

  • Saves valuable management time by allowing your employees to explain their own anomalies – subject to supervisor check and authorization

  • Optional integration with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to show exact location at time of clocking

  • Can be used in disconnected mode where no network or mobile signal is available

  • Supervisors can access and administer the module online either remotely or over the company network. Supervisor functionality includes checking, editing and approving anomalies, planning absences and shift changes, future work planning, skills search, and reporting


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