Biometric Time & Attendance

Improve time and attendance recording. Eliminate employee time theft.

A Biometric Time and Attendance System optimizes of the recorded data to make sure that it is accurate and precise. On top of that, its unique features and benefits help improve workforce management operations, ameliorates the overall organizational discipline, employees' efficiency and also satisfies the need of organizational safety pertaining to data and information to maintain confidentiality of records.

Since the system operates on biometric algorithms, the software minimizes the probability of over expenditures that occur through dishonest and compromised time and work hour recording. Due to its strict and specific recording procedures, it limits the instances of time theft through misleading and compromised time entries.

It is through this that your employee base becomes more concerned with their performance and punctuality since they know that the software cannot be fooled and they have to perform at their best to gain an equal return in terms of remuneration and rewards.

How it Works?

The biometric system requires each individual employee’s unique physiological data, to execute its recording and timekeeping functions. It automatically detects and records the arrival and departure time of employees and the system scans and records data, creating a unique profile for each employee.

At the time of arrival or departure, the system asks the employee to place his/her finger, thumb or hand on the scanner. The system refers to the information fed into its storage and upon matching, it grants access and passage or forbids them from doing so otherwise.

This method has been effectively used in organizations where it not only acts an efficient security mechanism but also records accurate and honest arrival and departure times of each individual employee. The time-in and time-out function automates the attendance keeping function and makes things easier for workforce management.

Operations and Functions

The Biometric Time and Attendance System holds a unique advantage over other types of time and attendance systems for its unique functions. It records the employee fingerprints in its storage in the form of unique templates and not the actual fingerprints so that there is no chance of a breach compromising the privacy and confidentiality of an employee’s personal data.

The basic function of the biometric system can be altered and customized as per your intra-organizational needs of accessibility. Equally beneficial as a standalone attendance registering unit or tethered with swipe cards, the biometric system may also be customized for areas and limits of accessibility for various operational units within the organization.



  • Flexible and Customizable Software Design
  • Registering Data in the Form of Unique Templates
  • System Customization and After-Sales Support
  • Fool-Proof Security Mechanism



  • Accurate attendance recording
  • No buddy-punching or comprised entries
  • Automated biometric identification of employees
  • Confidentiality of Data and Personal Credentials
  • Arrival and Departure Time Entries




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