Do you need a better way to track Time & Attendance?

If you are operating in a vigorously competitive business market, you need to put a greater emphasis on the quality and value of your product or service. Management issues, like inaccurate payrolls, erroneous record keeping, time theft and absenteeism, cause an adverse impact on your overall business and organizational progress.

In order to make the most out of your resources and to generate optimum revenues while sustaining the pace of organizational growth and to achieve new milestones, you need to automate and integrate your organizational management designs.

Workforce management is no more an exasperating and time consuming task.

We make it easier, efficient and convenient for you through our Time and Attendance Systems.

Mitrefinch's Time and Attendance Software is the ultimate solution to automate, integrate and upgrade your organization's workforce management designs through an infusion of technology.

The Time and Attendance Software is effectively being incorporated and is being used for computerized and tech-based recording of employee attendance, working hours, overtimes and productivity and to evaluate their compensations, bonuses and rewards based on performance, productivity and working hours.

How it Works?

The software functions on its own tech-coded programming and hence, leaves no chance for an erroneous, compromised or inaccurate record. The information collected through the time and attendance software can be tested on any parameter for its accuracy and preciseness. The software not only caters to the time and attendance recording function but its programming algorithms also perform an automatic and computerized evaluation of wages and remuneration for each individual employee based on their work time and productivity. Hence, this minimizes the risk of generating inaccurate payrolls.

Mitrefinch’s Superior Advantage

When it comes to tech-based management programs and applications, Mitrefinch's Time Management System possesses a cutting edge over all other Time and Attendance Software. It is being incorporated and used in the management operations of top-notch organizations and business tycoons belonging to the manufacturing, transportation, logistics and freight forwarding companies, construction businesses and healthcare industry, effectively improving their regular operations and pursuing growth and excellence through better management and administration.



Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences              HR                  Mobile                Labour              Biometrics


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Time and Attendance Biometric Clocking Terminal

Our Biometric clocking terminals created with Lumidigm multispectral sensors allow you to take advantage of increased security and increased accuracy.

• Fingerprint templates, not actual fingerprints, are stored as algorithms. This protects privacy as well as improves security.

• Prevents borrowing of cards to gain access to controlled areas as well as “buddy punching” – where one employee clocks in for another


Time and Attendance Desktop Biometric Clock Station

Employees can clock in at their own computer or a communal PC with an application and PC biometric clocking device.

• Provides a biometric option for locations with less staff

• Provides full functionality at a lower cost than a full biometric clocking station


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Time and Attendance Proximity Terminal

Our Proximity clocking terminal allow various input methods to record the arrivals and departures of employees.

• Key Fob/cards                                                   

• ID badges

• Keypad pin entry


Time and Attendance Desktop Proximity Clock Station

Employees can clock in at their own computer or a communal PC with an application and PC proximity clocking device.

• Provides a clocking option for locations with less staff

• Provides full functionality at a lower cost than a full proximity clocking station


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Web Based Time and Attendance

The Mitrefinch Self- Service option is a web-based application allowing employees to clock in and out and manage their time via the web.

• Employees can request time off and clock onto specific jobs or tasks via Mitrefinch TAS

• Managers can approve vacations and see real-time data on their employees’ work records

• No new software installation necessary


Outlook Email Time & Attendance Clocking

The Mitrefinch Outlook Add-In allows you to clock in and out directly through your email. Seamlessly interact with certain TMS features all in the comfort of your Microsoft Outlook Inbox.

• View recent clockings, hours allocated to certain projects, and submit vacation requests directly from outlook.

• Managers can see the Onsite list, approve requests and synchronize the Absence Profile with the Outlook calendar.


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Time and Attendance Mobile Clocking

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software allow employees to track their own clockings and more from any location using a web-enabled smart phone/tablet at any time.

• Staff can clock in/out of tasks or projects anywhere with a smartphone/tablet.

• GPS technology is used via the mobile phone /tablet to give an accurate position of the employee when they were clock in and out.

• Supervisors can view an employee onsite list in real-time as well as clock in specific groups of employees directly from their device.


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