HR Self Service

Access your Human Resource Data, Employee Information and Business Records - Anytime and Anywhere!

The present-age integrated business procedures allow an ease-of-access control and commands to managers, supervisors and organizational heads to access any employee data or information in the office premises as well as from anywhere in the world.

Tech–based business operations have paved way for flexible business practices like job sharing, remote offices, cloud business entities and flex-times. Therefore, it turns out to be an essential function that allows the management of employee records and data to be made handy and accessible to keep the organizational processes go smoothly.

Mitrefinch's Time and Attendance Software has been integrated and designed to incorporate web functionality, browser based access, remote assistance and automation of essential administrative tasks and core HR functions.

This allows businesses and organizations to think outside the box and stretch beyond the confinement of their office premises and opt for a global outreach. Moreover, it creates a virtual and cloud-based HR department that can be accessed, managed and monitored at the convenience of your desktop from any location.

The automaton, integration and convenient accessibility to employee data reduces time wastage on various HR functions and enables the management and organization to spend the saved time on strategic planning and business expansion.

Furthermore, it offers extensive solutions for a myriad of organizational operations through special cloud-based platforms, such as TMS.NET and HR.NET that act as separate modules in their entirety and can be integrated for an overall performance and compensation analysis of your workforce.

Features and Specifications

  • It has an option to convert all HR, management and planning reports into a Portable Document Format
  • Diary or Notebook Facility for important minutes, keys and outlook updates
  • It has an automated and post-timed Letter Generator for single or massive generation of letters or updates
  • It has an efficient and instant reporting function with an option to create a standard report template
  • The HR Self-Service control provides accessibility at the employee’s end to update and manage their own personal records and credentials, such as their contact details, trainings and work related information, subject to supervisor or manager's endorsement
  • It ensures smart and efficient employee leave and absence management
  • It establishes a centralized, cloud-based repository for all types and categories of employee records related to their training, work planning, targets and remunerations
  • It integrates absence and vacation management to ensure that the all operational areas work in their full functionality, even if an employee is absent or on leave
  • It ensures a timely feedback and response mechanism through automatically generated email notifications to respond to employee requests and queries
  • It enables the employees to control and manage their own personal information and work data, managing updates which are subject to manger’s or supervisor's authorization


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