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Human resource management involves a long haul of major and minor processes that include recording a huge load of data for each individual employee, their work, attendance, time records, overtime and also their compensation and business evaluation.

It also ensures effective and coherent workforce management, ensuring a smooth and sufficient distribution of employees and labor force within all operational areas as per the work load requirements. Moreover, the human resource department also has to keep a check and balance on the regular production and efficiency goals and have to evaluate each day’s productivity at the end of the day.

Altogether, this makes up a huge load of responsibilities that need an error free and accurate recording, evaluation and management that exceeds beyond the manual handling capacities of a person. Therefore, it is a smart business approach to integrate and automate your business operations and workforce management functions to save time, reduce errors and thus, leverage the outcomes on returns and increase overall efficiency.

Keeping in view the organizations' need for an automated and integrated access to data and its evaluation, interpretation and statistical representation and analysis of performance and productivity reports, Mitrefinch offers a comprehensive, automated and coherent solution to cater to all information related functions through one handy tool - Mitrefinch's Human Resource Software.

Mitrefinch's Human Resource Software offers a centralized tech-based platform to manage your employee data without the risk of an error, dysfunctions or information breach from occurring. This enables the human resource management to create multiple terminals and access points offering accessibility to managers, supervisors and employees to access relevant information and to track their personal information records.


Features and Specifications

  • Browser-based user accessibility
  • Automated and well planned leave and absence management
  • Efficient compliance to maternity, paternity and adoption processes as per the standard organizational rules and regulations
  • User friendly software configuration
  • Reports, updates, letters and notification generation through integrated and automated mail merger system
  • Diary and notebook facility to issue pop up notifications
  • Regular compensation calculations
  • Special calculations related to overtimes, bonuses, vacations and sick leaves
  • Maintenance and preservation of previous data, history and past records
  • Additional tools to add and attach any digital content to files, data records or periodic reports
  • Ensure compliance with standard operating producers and legalities
  • Effective planning and execution of training, probation or operational courses to evolve a specialized workforce
  • Allows hierarchical level of control for accessing, editing, recording and authorization of information
  • Automatic issuance of reminders and work-related notifications
  • Generating an automatic comparative analysis of performance, inventory control and revenue and expenditures in the form of statistically represented reports



Key things Mitrefinch Workforce Management can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences             Mobile                Labour              Biometrics


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