Skills Management

Organizations worldwide are focusing on fostering a culture of job specialization; to deploy employees in the areas where they can utilize their skills, strengths and proficiency in the best way possible. This not only polishes and nurtures employee skills and but makes it produce excellent results as well. It turns out in the best interest of the organization by inculcating the production of high quality of work as well as increased productivity.

However, this comes adds an additional responsibility into the job description of the human resource department and managers to assess and evaluate their employees, their working habits, work patterns and then, identify an area of operation where they can work in their optimum capacity.

Mitrefinch’s Skill Management Software tools and applications operate on concrete and logical algorithms. Based on task maps and ranking tools, the Skill Management Software veers off the hypothetical assumption from contemporary skill management and provides solid and logically verified data which is based on skill matrices.

This helps create an ideal job environment for any employee to exercise their mastery and also enables the organization and management to make the best use of their most valuable asset; their human resources. However, for this purpose, the organization needs to scrutinize each employee and perform a thorough and comprehensive examination and evaluation to identify the key strengths of each employee and take measures to incorporate them in the most suitable manner.

When performed manually, this requires a long haul of processes and a lot of guess work and hypothetical assumptions that have an equal probability of turning out to be absolutely wrong. To deliver to this particular management function and automate the intricate and painstaking process of skill management, Mitrefinch's Skill Management Software turn out to be a convenient and effective solution.

Skill Identification on Rational and Logical Parameters

Rather than relying on guesswork and human assumptions, Mitrefinch's Skill Management tools test each employee on fairly logical parameters through devising skills matrices, advanced task maps and ranking tools. This provides a rational insight on each employee's strengths and presents a more precise and accurate account of skills and where they can best be employed.

Ensure Smooth Continuity of Work

Mitrefinch’s Skills Management tools enable the organization and management to cope with an employee’s planned or unplanned absence in an efficient and hassle-free way. The skills management tools will suggest replacement options in the absence of an employee and in this way, ensures that the work is performed and completed in a smooth way, without any hindrance or disruption from occurring.

Effective Work Delegation

Skill Management enables the employees to assign work and delegate job responsibilities as per the skills and strengths of the employees. This helps evolve a culture of job specialization where each employee of the organization is a master in their particular job domain. This eventually leads to better performance and productivity.

Employee Empowerment

Engaging the employees in their special jobs as per their strengths enables them to put their knowledge to the test and yield incredible outcomes and results. While this paves the way for improvements and improvisations in the work procedures, it also enables the employees to have command and control over their job domains and to bear responsibility for their work and actions.

Evaluate the Deficient Areas and Devise Training Plans

Mitrefinch's Skill Management tools perform a thorough and intricate analysis of the overall working and productivity and identify the key areas that need more focus, attention or efforts to improve their performance. This eventually helps the organizational management to devise their training plans as per the need and deficiency pointed out.


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