Ensure compliance and eliminate manual Absence Tracking

Absenteeism can have both financial and non-financial implications for your business. With Mitrefinch's sophisticated absence management software, you can: Unscheduled absenteeism can cost businesses approximately $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 for salaried employees. The costs can include one or more of the following factors : overtime pay for employees/costs for replacement employees, wages paid to absent employees, and administrative costs of managing absenteeism. Mitrefinch Absence Software can track, in real-time, who is absent, when they shouldn’t be, and allow you to take quick action when a problem crops up.

Key Benefits:

  • Spot absenteeism patterns before they can become habit.
  • Automate absence tracking and approval processes.
  • Prevent employee absences from affecting project deadlines and mission-critical tasks
  • Access leave and attendance related information on demand
  • Leverage intelligent analytics for efficient work and workforce management
  • Control absence-related expenses




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Mitrefinch Absence Management Software has the ability to create unlimited absence hours codes that can easily accommodate all of your business' unique defined codes.  This way you can track, report, and analyze which absence codes are occurring across all your departments, teams, and locations.

These codes are used to correctly define the reasons for absence, either retrospectively when clearing anomalies within daily work records, or as future absences, either for individual employees or groups.

This information is used to create yearly absence profile displays for each employee.  Employees can access these profiles to see how often they have been absent, how many sick and vacation days they have remaining, etc. 

If the data indicates problem trends, ie. recurring absences after a long weekend, the manager can address and take action designed to change the behaviour of the employee. 

Absence profiles for groups of employees can also be retrieved for the system.  For examples., if productivity or customer service is lacking in one particular group or team, the user can click on the team's absence profile to determine if absenteeism may be a factor. 

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Each employee can keep track of their annual vacation and sick time entitlements through the entitlements screen within the TMS system.  These profiles show how much absence the employee has taken to-date and how much is planned. 

Employees can request leave direct through the TMS system, either via the Self Service portal or TMS for Outlook where it is then approved or denied by management.  Once an action is entered into the system, employees and supervisors can view up-to-date visibility on leave.  The allows employers to ensure regulatory compliance with any provincial, federal, and internal regulations, mitigating the risk for costly fines and penalties.

By allowing employees to book their own leave and see what they have remaining for the year, it frees up management with having to keep track of all the requests manually and automating the leave process.


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Everything put into the system can be easily tracked making absence tracking efficient and effective.  By utilizing Mitrefinch Absence management Software, managers can track, manage, and report on the absence trends of the whole organization within seconds.  This provides improved productivity and reduced overheads.  That employee absenteeism is a productivity killer may not come as a surprise to you. But what kind of productivity loss are we looking at? It is estimated that absence can result in anywhere between a 20% and 40% loss in net productivity per day. The cumulative effect can be significant, going beyond disruptions and inefficiencies to prevent optimal usage of personnel capacity for revenue-generating tasks.

Benefits of Absence and Cost Tracking

• Sets leave slots that restrict the number of employees that can be absent from a particular team or group around a specific time period.

• Tracks the direct costs associated with employee absence, including payroll and overtime. The software also tracks the indirect costs of absenteeism, such as lost productivity and training new replacement workers.

• Identifies employees with attendance problems before the issue escalates and productivity or work culture takes a hit.

• Notifies managers and supervisors when clockings fail to match implemented schedules, so the matter can be taken up with the concerned employee and resolved at the earliest.

• Limits the number of annual leaves employees from a particular team can take by managing leave requests and absence through self-service tools.


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