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Steering with Automated Control to Drive the Transportation and Logistics Industry towards Optimum Profit Yielding Goals

From manufacturing plants and production sites to storages and warehouses and further, from container terminals and airports to shipyards to keep the distribution and freight management in flow and to ensure a smooth and well-planned distribution and supply chain network in local, national and global spheres - the transportation and logistics industry plays a pivotal role through its effective and efficient delivery processes to keep up with the supply and demand mechanisms and distribution of manufactured goods and products to local and far off markets.

The transportation and logistics industry is critical, especially for the manufacturing and production industry, because the entire success of their business relies on the effective and timely distribution of their manufactured goods and products. In case of a hindrance, error or barrier in the supply mechanism and production and manufacturing business, it suffers a huge loss in terms of wastage and delay.

Therefore, while the production and manufacturing industry makes it a point to establish business collaboration with reliable and trusted transportation and logistics service providers, it eventually imposes a greater responsibility in the transportation and freight management service industry to ensure that they meet the expectations of their strategic business partners by keeping their promise and delivering over and above the client's expectation through timely supply and distribution.

For smooth, hassle free and timely supply chain mechanism through transportation and logistics operations, it is imperative upon the logistics industry to manage their shift roster attendance mechanism, overtime scheduling and work hour record keeping along with an elaborate information about the products, delivery deadlines and special care requirements for various products.

Furthermore, the industry requires a myriad of different vehicles, drivers, technical and non-technical staff and record keepers for inventories as a result if having a huge labor forces. Thus, this implies managing a huge and extensive workforce operating in their own specific capacity, recording and managing resources as well as incoming and outgoing inventories. This implies that the human resource department has to deal with a huge load of data and information that practically exceeds the manual handling capacity. Thus, there exists a more critical need for automated and integrated work force management designs in the transportation and logistics sector than in any other industry.

Understanding the intricate requisites and particular specifications of the transportation and logistics industry, the time and attendance software offers the following value additions to the prevalent workforce management designs:

  • Provides a new competitive advantage to the transportation, logistics and freight management businesses through fully automated and tech-based planning and programming of employees, fleet and inventories
  • Improved efficiency through timely supply and delivery, meeting deadlines and thus, keeping up with the client's needs and expectations
  • Shedding redundant costs, expenditures and inefficient and unreliable parts of the labour force
  • Automated planning and management of rosters
  • Transparent and error-free recording of wage and hour productivity and overtime to generate accurate payrolls
  • Identifying the under-performing areas and suggesting measures to optimize the return on resources


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