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Easily and efficiently manage a large and diverse workforce


In the heavily regulated scientific and pharmaceutical industry, organizations are faced with the challenge of increasing output while cutting manufacturing costs. Safety is also a critical issue. Mitrefinch’s automated Time and Attendance software allows management to effectively handle their workforce, whether they are sales representatives out on the road, experienced professionals, or working on the production floor.


The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can help your business:


• Monitor resources by keeping track of scheduling, shifts, and turnovers


• Better manage absences with self-service tools


• Analyze labour costs by department, team, product line, or plant, and better allocate resources


• Effectively manage and track your mobile workforce and sales teams


• Minimize compliance risks and adhere to complex and constantly changing legislation


• Improve employee and visitor safety with fire evacuation and real-time onsite reporting


• Restrict access to certain areas with Access and Door Control


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences              HR                  Mobile                Labour              Biometrics


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