Boost customer service with better workforce time management, easily manage part-time employees


Retailers are tasked with hiring and managing a large, diverse, and skilled and unskilled workforce, often across multiple sites and departments. Mitrefinch's workforce management system for the retail sector takes the stress out of staff scheduling, shift planning, and performance management, freeing up supervisors to focus on providing a superior customer experience.


The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can help your business:


• Schedule staff to mirror forecasted sales over a given period


• Apply annual leave and vacation slots to ensure sufficient staff members are on hand during busier periods like late night shopping, weekends, Christmas and school holidays


• Reduce over staffing to keep labour costs at a minimum


• Assign employees to a series of predefined shifts and rschedules


• Effectively manage absence patterns


• Comply with Workplace Legislation and Health and Safety regulations


• Monitor employees’ activities on the shop floor


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


   Scheduling           Absences              HR                  Mobile                Labour              Biometrics


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