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Boost productivity, handle work on-the-go, and implement intricate staff scheduling

 The mining and the energy sector is undergoing a vigorous boom due to the world’s increasing energy needs. The energy production and mining sector go hand-in-hand since mining provides raw natural resources for the production of various forms of energy.

The energy and mining industry is crucial in its operational functionality since all other industries, including transportation and logistics, manufacturing units and business sectors, heavily rely upon the energy sector which fuels them by fulfilling their energy requirements and thus, keeps the cycle of production moving.

A setback or hindrances in the productivity or operations of the energy sector would eventually affect all other industries. Therefore, it is essential that the basic and essential operations of the energy and mining industry are run smoothly and to their full functionality.

Being the lifeline of any organization, workforce management in the oil, gas and petroleum sector and the mining and energy production industry is a critical factor to ensure a strategic and methodical management of exploration, mining and production processes in the industry.

Involving a huge and extensive workforce to cater to the needs of various technical and operational areas of the industry, it depends a great deal on how the organization manages it workforce to harvest optimum benefits, reduce cost and expenditures and manage with effective and efficient patterns of supply and demand.

Being a pivotal global industry, it needs to adapt to better management mechanisms for smart and efficient management of their human capital that is the most essential strategic asset. It is this dire need to incorporate it in their organizational procedures that they are adapting to more systematic, automated and tech-oriented programs and application for the timely, efficient and error-free operations pertaining to management and administrative procedures.

In the particular domain of management and administration, time and attendance software has proved to be an incredible improvisation that has escalated the efficiency and productivity from a sustained equilibrium to incessant growth and thus, leveraging the magnitude of business growth and revenue.

Time and attendance software contains the following essential features that cater to the specific management requirements of the mining and energy industry;

  • Better compliance to international criteria on standard operating procedures related to the mining, exploration and energy consumption sector
  • Better operational planning through the allocation of right labour and staff
  • Real-time access to a complete set of information and data related to employee attendance and work in progress in various operational capacities
  • Keeping up with the regular production milestones
  • Advanced and proactive management planning for efficiently coping with workloads, resources and budgetary analysis
  • Better recruitment standards, testing employee skills and potential on better and more accurate parameters
  • Better work management at outdoor sites and mining fields



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