The manufacturing industry never sleeps! The cycle of production goes on and on, producing fresh new batches, one after the other, to keep up with the increasing market demands and pursue better business growth and performance.

Manufacturing plants and organizations are always on the lookout for more and more employees to be deployed in a variety of operational domains and subsidiary units. Manufacturing and production is a long haul of processes and procedures and thus require a competitive, skilled and specialized workforce to ensure that the production process runs smooth and hassle free.

This particular industry is undoubtedly home to the highest number of workers, technicians and labors employed worldwide. Apparently, this turns out to be a greater responsibility for the business owners and management to incorporate systematic, automated and efficient management designs to optimize their productivity and produce maximum output.

Workforce Management, in the specific realm of the manufacturing industry, requires a more efficient, systematically planned, and smart approach since it has a huge and extensive employee base deployed in a variety of operational units. The working designs, shifting, production batches, all necessitate the need for accurate, authentic and on-point recording and evaluation, at each specific interval, that practically exceeds the manual handling capacities.

That’s precisely where our Time and Attendance Software comes to the call, effectively automating, integrating and improving all record keeping functions pertaining to the various shifts and batches of employees and their attendance, their wages and bonuses, and remuneration plans.

Here’s the perks profile of Time and Attendance Software for the manufacturing industry:

  • Reduces absenteeism and uplifts performance and productivity through efficient time and attendance recording.
  • Provides a handy and convenient solution for managers, facilitating intelligent deployment of workforce and work planning.
  • Keeps track of incoming and outgoing inventory.
  • Regulates the process of resource consumption, cutting down on wastage, redundant consumption and thus optimizing the outputs and revenue.
  • Ensures that the work designs and the organization’s standard operating procedures are in line with the governmental rules and regulations and state’s labor laws.
  • Incorporates automated mechanism for improved health and safety designs at workplace and production sites, minimized risks and threats mad thus decreases the probability of unforeseen incidents.
  • Keeps control of the transition between working shifts and ensure that the job is effectively performed in the optimal time frame.
  • Provides real-time and accurate, instantly accessible data to the management personnel for the fair and logical evaluation of each employee’s performance and devising his payroll, remuneration packages and promotions.
  • Calculates overtime, on time and productivity parameters and generates error free wage and hour calculations.
  • Evaluation of staffing requirements for each individual domain through effective analysis. This decreases the chance of overstaffing or understaffing, which may otherwise inflict setbacks to the production cycle or increase resource wastage.


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


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