Control labour costs without negatively impacting customer service


Mitrefinch’s suite of Time and Attendance clocking in devices and systems assists managers who need to respond to varying demands for customer service within the hospitality industry, including areas like hotel occupancy and events. Future work planning and skills management ensures that you have the right team on board, and that vacations and absences are covered. Clocked hours are recorded precisely and integrate directly into the payroll flow – eliminating the need for time sheets, and reducing errors for over or underpayments. Mobile and remote clocking-in means that any event can be covered. The benefits of intelligent workforce management can be enjoyed by any organization, from a single establishment to multiple sites, arts and entertainment venues, hotels and gaming establishments.


The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can help your business:


• Ensure high quality is always delivered: Use the software to recruit, hire, and retain those with the experience and skill sets to provide exemplary service


• Reduce costs: Cut down on costly administrative errors like overpayment, ending time abuses and minimizing absence


• Put the focus on service: Automate scheduling, pay and employee requests so you can concentrate on what really matters


• Allocate skills: Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that skilled staff members are placed in the right areas


• Improve forecasting: Accurately forecast workloads to ensure you meet productivity goals


• Eliminate regulatory compliance issues


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


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