Food & Beverage Production

A smart approach to achieve production goals through smart, coherent and strategic workforce management

 The food and beverage industry is booming and is one of the highest profit generating industries of the global economy, expanding at an accelerated pace and returning huge mounds of profits. The boom and growth are evident and equally proportionate among the industry giants and huge conglomerates as well as the small-to-medium enterprises and low-scale entrepreneurial ventures.

Apparently, as the world’s demand for food and beverages increases with an incessant increase in the global population, the businesses engaged in food and beverage production are facing a constantly increasing demand for increased production in terms of quality, as well as the variety and extension in their production line and portfolio.

An expansion in business and production volume requires an expansion and increase in your employee base and workforce to equate and keep up with the proliferating needs in various operational capacities and working domains. However, to ensure that you keep up with your production goals, meet your business objectives and equally comply with the market needs, expectations and demands, just an increase in the workforce number won’t do the job.

As much as the increasing demand has translated into business expansion, it has opened doors for more vacancies and jobs in the technical, production and managerial domains of the industry. However, surprisingly, as high as the influx of jobs and recruitments, there is an equally accelerated rate of over or underemployment, increased absenteeism and high turnover rate.

This indicates that there exists a critical deficiency and loopholes in the human resource management patterns of the food and beverage industry. It also suggests that there is a high potential for the usage of time and attendance software to leverage and automate the manual management designs for better practices and eventual outcomes. To ensure that you reap optimum benefits out of your employee base and resources, you need to put a greater emphasis on your workforce management mechanisms.

The time and attendance software offer following benefits in the specific realm of food and beverage production industry:

  • Keeping track of inventories, production batches and thus, ensuring smart supply and demand management
  • Well-planned shift management, recording overtimes and working productivity of each individual employee
  • Advanced and proactive planning to foresee future demands and necessities and thus, suggesting measures for improvisations through statistical analysis of data
  • Evaluate resource consumption, work-time productivity analysis, recording expenditures and identifying slam-dunk costs
  • Reduce absenteeism and identify under-utilized operational areas through real-time and accurate data and information
  • Improvise and incorporate more effective measures to improve employee health and safety standards at the workplace
  • Shift and batch management through machine time tool for accurate attendance and overtime recording and automated and computerized timekeeping function
  • Better management as per business production goals and workload to maximize productivity and achieve regular targets and milestones   


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