Empower employees and supervisors with self-service tools

Banks, credit unions, and other institutions within the financial sector are faced with the unique challenge of increasing profit margins while battling high operating expenses. A varied workforce that includes employees ranging from front-line bank tellers to high-level managers and other operations personnel, many of whom work in more than one branch, further add to the administrative load. Employee self-service tools allow workers to request leave on the system, view vacation and sick days, and manage their own time and attendance without the need for time-consuming interactions with management.

The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can help your business:


• Improve punctuality, minimize absenteeism, and eliminate unauthorized overtime


• Monitor the efficiency of your workforce


• Ensure that labour demands are met with automated scheduling


• See when and where workers clock in and out, making it easier to manage your remote workforce with real time data


• Adhere to complex and ever-changing legislation, thereby reducing penalties and costly legal issues


• Analyze labour trends to make better decisions and meet goals


Key things the Mitrefinch Time & Attendance System can help with:


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