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On-Site Employee Management Solutions to Improve Standard Operating Procedures and Optimizing Performance and Productivity

The construction and engineering business requires the management of an immense work load. If you are an owner or hold a managerial position in any such capacity, you know how essential it is to manage your team on construction sites and get them to work to the core of their bones.

Quality, efficiency and a systematic approach is the key and the extensive myriad of operations undergoing in the specific realm of the engineering and construction industry allows no room for an error or discrepancy.

It is essential to keep the escalating supply costs in mind and ensure that your employee base has a sufficient number of labor, technical and non-technical workers, managerial staff and other employees on board to keep the processes and operations flowing smoothly. The manual methods of workforce management are outdated and won’t work out, keeping in view the management demand and requisites of the engineering and construction industry.

The industry generates high annual revenue and is a prime contributor to many economies. However, it also involves business costs, in terms of pricey raw material, labor costs and cost of other essential resources. Therefore, this comes as a greater responsibility on part of the management and organizational heads to incorporate better management designs to leverage and optimize the productivity against their expenditures, cost and resource consumption.

To deliver to this particular need of the industry, there is no better choice than to incorporate time and attendance software within the management programs and procedures.

The time and attendance software understands the specific and intricate demands and requirements of the engineering and construction industry. Depending upon the various operational areas and their specific need for workforce management, it allows the management to ensure a smooth and sufficient distribution of workforce to carry out various operations. Moreover, since it is a pricey business involving huge investments and expensive resources, it also suggests a better resource consumption mechanism not only to minimize the business and production, but to generate maximum revenue through the minimal input of expenditures and resources; thus, elevating the profit margins.

Here's how time and attendance software has revolutionized the conventional workforce management in the engineering and construction industry;

  • Attendance recording and timekeeping function at indoor and outdoor sites
  • Shift and batch management, efficient allocation of workforce as per the operational requisites
  • Cost and budget analysis, identifying high cost areas and cutting down on redundant and extra expenditures
  • Track project progress and performance at regular time intervals to keep up with a sustained growth and productivity schedule
  • Incorporate preventive measures for on-site employees' health and safety
  • Generate a statistical analysis of open and closed projects in terms of time and efficient completion
  • Keeping an accurate and error-free recording of each employee for the work done, working hours and overtime, and calculating their wage and compensation as per their recorded data
  • Identifying under-performing operational areas, draw out inferences for the causes and suggest ways to uplift performance through statistical analysis of recorded data



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