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Optimizing Revenue Returns on Reduced Business Costs

When operating in a competitive business market, it is essential for businesses to adapt to the recent market trends to stay in the game and sustain their growth. Many businesses tend to confine this adaptation and improvisation only in terms of their product or service quality and direct their entire focus upon extending their product line, service portfolio or areas of operations.

While improvement and extension in the product or service domain is certainly an essential requirement for a business to compete in the market, it is all the more necessary for businesses to pay attention to their workforce management mechanism as well.

Workers, labors, technical and non-technical employees and administrative staff together are the backbone of any business organization and it is only through a skilled, professional and well-managed workforce that the organization is able to meet its strategic business objectives in a competitive and timely demeanor.

Mirtrefinch's Time and Attendance Software is an effective tool that offers multiple essential benefits to optimize and upgrade the performance and your regular business operations. Since its prime function is to record attendance, arrival and departure times, extra work hours and productivity and efficiency of each individual employee, it identifies the less efficient and underperforming areas so that the relevant action can be taken.

Through a thorough evaluation and interpretation of recorded information and the resultant statistical analysis, it enables the management to plan and manage their work and workforce in a way that yields optimum results.

Moreover, the statistical data also notifies them about the slam dunk costs as well as the redundant and extra expenditures which cast a significant cut down on the operational costs of the business. This decreases the wastage of organizational resources, ensures optimum returns on expenditures and thus, increases the basic profit margins.

Mitrefinch’s Time and Attendance Software offers the following essential features and benefits for the business service industry:

  • It ensures the deliverance of high quality operations and business services.
  • It helps improve your recruitment procedures and enables you to retain your most efficient employees through an effective and comparative performance analysis.
  • It cuts down the essential business costs and optimizes return on investments.
  • It ensures an effective and smart distribution of employees in the right operational and working capacities as per their skills, strengths and potential.
  • It helps forecast production and performance based on accurately recorded real time data and enables the organizational heads, managers and supervisors to alter, expedite and improve their planning and production processes to meet their short-term and long-term strategic business goals.
  • It automates the evaluation of compensation and rewards through computerized analysis of work, hours and attendance.
  • It ensures zero probability of any error or discrepancy in generating wage estimations to ensure accurate and error-free payrolls from being distributed among the workforce.
  • It nullifies the chance for a lawsuit as a result of an unsettled wage and hour claim.


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