Workplace productivity levels drop every 56 days, new study suggests Posted on: 24-08-2015

One of the best ways to increase productivity in the workplace is ensuring staff get adequate vacation leave, according to new research.


A report published by Holiday Hypermarket showed that it takes just eight weeks for staff motivation to wane after returning from vacation.


This means that taking regular breaks at least once every 56 days is important in order to boost productivity.


Some 2,000 workers were surveyed for the study. It found that more than a quarter (28 per cent) took breaks twice in a year but 19 per cent only took time out once a year.


In addition, eight per cent said they had taken no vacation in the past 12 months.


The majority (77 per cent) believe it is unhealthy to go a whole year without taking time away from work.


This is despite the fact that more than half said that waiting too long before taking a break has had a detrimental effect on their work productivity, with nearly two-thirds rating their productivity levels as five out of ten or below before a break.


When returning to the workplace, three-quarters of staff rated their productivity at eight out of ten or above.


Kay Dixon, general manager at Holiday Hypermarket, said: "With such pressure to get back into the normal routine it can feel like our time spent relaxing abroad was just a dream. But as the research shows, throwing ourselves back into work too hard can mean we feel the need for another vacation very quickly. “Taking a day off here and there is sensible, but a regular trip abroad can be more beneficial for both our mental well-being and our productivity when we return.’’


The majority (58 per cent) of those questioned said it was a lack of finances causing them not to take a vacation, although 32 per cent said work pressures and taking on projects at work prevented them from taking a break.


These findings highlight the importance of encouraging workers to take regular time off to remain motivated and refreshed. Introducing flexible working and allowing workers to work around their lifestyles may be another way to boost productivity. Time and attendance software can help businesses to organize schedules more effectively and in doing so, improve staff engagement in the process.


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