Unhappy at work? Posted on: 10-09-2015

It’s official. More than half of North Americans are unhappy at work. Achievers released a report detailing all their findings called The Greatness Gap: The State of Employee Disengagement . The main reason for the state of unhappiness is based mainly on the fact that employees feel demotivated by the lack of positive feedback from superiors.


The results from the Achievers survey show that employee outlook on engagement is split right down the middle. 51% are not happy at work and the report also showed a few other key issues happening in the workplace. A whopping 45% of employees don’t trust their company’s leadership and another 61% don’t know their companies mission. The report suggests one factor directly contributing to these results is a lack of employee loyalty. The survey also revealed that half (50%) of respondents expect to be working for a new employer in just one year.


David Brennan, General Manager of Achievers said a few things that all organizations should keep in mind, “Research proves that business success is driven by engaged employees. The results from this study should incite organizations to take action and implement engagement strategies today that will help keep their employees tomorrow”.


What does this mean for North American management? There’s value in finding ways to keep your employees loyal and engaged as it will decrease turnover and improve workplace productivity. A monthly coffee perk or social activity could go a long way.


What are some ways your company keeps you engaged?


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