Time to quit. Sitting is the new smoking Posted on: 07-08-2015

Studies have shown that we are sitting a minimum of 6 out of 8 hours in a typical workday. Our bodies were simply not designed to sit for that long. Most of us know we should be less sedentary at work. But there are a lot of impediments to actually getting up from your desk and getting a little exercise. Not least of these is the awkwardness of being the person doing squats in the middle of the office.


Over the past few years, prolonged sitting has emerged as a new health scourge. Sitting is the new smoking, headlines warn. But even as awareness of the problem grows, proposed solutions like regular activity breaks and adjustable-height desks, even balance ball chairs have run into a stubborn problem: workplace culture.


Not every working environment can accommodate different chairs or promote more movement as productivity typically happens in a sedimentary way. Would it be worth changing to improve employee’s health and improve productivity and absenteeism in the workplace for the long term? Some changes can be brought in. Have stand up meetings, take calls on your cell and have a walk around during the call, investing in ‘some stand up desks’ are just some of the ways that can help employees move more throughout the day.


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