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How to Improve Accuracy in Your Current Time Tracking System

How to Improve Accuracy in Your Current Time Tracking System

Have you already upgraded your manual means of time recording and other workforce management functions with smart and automated software, such as a time and attendance or time tracking system? If yes, that is indeed a wise and timely decision on your part and will bring about immense benefits and returns for your organization in both, the long-term as well as the short-term.

However, despite the foolproof tech-driven cognitive acumen of these workforce management systems and applications, there is a probability of encountering certain loops and flaws pertaining to the accuracy and precision of recording.

If that is the case with you, here are some smart tips to optimize the accuracy of your time tracking system and bask in its automated glory while leveraging the magnitude of performance and results.

Scrutinize Your System
Most of the time, it is actually a flaw or discrepancy in the system itself that eventually results in generating flawed or inaccurate time records. That does not mean that you will have to swallow the steep pill of replacing the entire system. To elevate the system to its optimum performance level, get all the physical and technical aspects of the system checked and scrutinized by your vendor. Fix the loops, eliminate escape clauses, and get it upgraded for the best results.

Minimize Manual Handling and Control
Allow your system to run and operate in its optimum automated capacity and minimize and eliminate any manual handling or control. A manual intervention might compromise the recorded information and will eventually produce inaccurate statistics and results. Eliminating manual intervention not only reduces your workload, but also minimizes the chances of a human error in the process.

Introduce a User-Friendly Interface
Opt for a time tracking system that is convenient for use and records regular time-check input in an accurate and hassle-free way. Observe your employees’ patterns of using the system and if necessary, conduct a training session about the standard usage criteria of your time tracking system. Devise a standard method of time recording that is simple, instant, and convenient to be used by your employees.

Incorporate a System of Periodic Vigilance
All systems, software, and machines need a periodic overhaul in order to retain their optimum functionality. Whether it is about a major or minor up-gradation or incorporating some value added features, it is a good practice to test and evaluate your system every now and then to ensure accuracy, precision, and optimum performance and efficiency.

Emphasize on Time Compliance as a Core Organizational Value
While this does not actually relate to your time tracking system, it can bring about a significant increase in the accuracy of your time-related information. Include it in your HR policy manuals and mandate your staff to comply with the organization’s rules and standards about time recording.

Managers, supervisors, team leads, and departmental heads need to enforce accurate time recording as an essential requisite and to enhance its significance as a core operational value at the workplace.

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