Posted on: 09-07-2015

Three Benefits a Healthy Workplace Has On Your Organization




Almost two-thirds of an adults waking hours are spent at work. A healthy workplace makes great business sense.

Healthy employees mean less employee turnover, health benefit costs, and lost productivity.

This alone is a great incentive for employers to take a look at what they currently offer for their employees and see how they can improve their offerings.

Reduced Absenteeism

By implementing a comprehensive workplace health program you can reduce the amount your employees call in sick or aren't able to give it their all at work.  This can be as simple as providing healthy refreshments in the break room or perhaps a discounted gym membership to employees.  Whatever your budget, there is always a small way you can help keep your employees on a healthy track.

Improved Health Benefit Costs

By providing their employees access to various medical resources through an organizations health benefits, they are potentially saving thousands of dollars annually in the cost of prescription drugs, sick leave, and wage replacement. 


A Better Work-Life Balance

Making sure your employees aren't overworked and don't have overtime cutting into their post work life is key to keeping your employees happy and healthy.  A Time and Attendance system can keep track of your employee scheduling and absence tracking so you don't have to worry about limiting their productivity and enssuring they get adequate time out of the workplace.



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