The Holiday Season Is The Most Stressful For Employees Posted on: 22-12-2015

Holiday shopping, parties, and festivities are meant to be a time to come together and celebrate the year. New research released this week shows that the most stressful month for employees that actually reduces productivity is December. MetLife, an insurance company, released survey results that showed 42% of workers consider December to be by far the most stressful month of the year.

Say it ain’t so Rudolph?

The sources for all the stress are a multitude of things. Higher expectations from both your work and family life to juggle everything and maintain the right balance along with everyone trying to take some time off during the month leaves employees frazzled.

What about the infamous staff Christmas party?

The office party that’s meant to relieve stress and let everyone let loose is actually doing just the opposite. Almost 40% of the workers polled indicated they didn’t want to attend the party as it clashed with their family life and 18% did not want to to attend.

According to Chris Rowley, professor of Human Resource Management at Cass Business School, once December 18th hits nearly half the workforce hits ‘Festive Fizzle-Out’. This implies they are much more concerned about their own Christmas festivities rather than work.

For employers it is important to take these things into account and try and help prevent and manage this stressful period for their workers. A few optional early leaving days throughout December can help employees stay on track when they know they have some extra time to get their shopping in. Perhaps making the staff party optional and offering a difference treat such as gift certificates or bringing a spa day into the workplace could help ease the stresses of the season.


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