Managing Absenteeism at Work Posted on: 02-11-2015

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are around the corner and everyone is scrambling to use up the rest of their vacation time. Unplanned leave of absence can affect your payroll by as much as 2.5%. While you may not be able to control unplanned absence, you can certainly manage it with absence management solutions.

Stay ahead with an absence management solution

An absence tracking system that is integrated into your HR software can easily show you who hasn't turned up for work, instead of personally having to verify the presence of each individual, which can indeed be a daunting task if there are several hundred employees. Once that has been established, there are two choices- to assign extra workload to the employees that have come in, reassign their workloads, or get staff to cover for those who haven't come in. This is where staff scheduling software can help. A dynamic staff scheduling system ensures that prioritized work always gets done on time. No wonder then, that organizations that have decided to buy employee scheduling software are not putting off their purchases any longer.

Such an employee scheduling system can send out requests to temporary workers to come in and alter their planned work schedule. This is to ensure that they are not overworked by double shifts or work all throughout the week. Even if you don't have any temporary workers, the employee scheduling software can juggle things around so that work indeed gets done in the order it is supposed to, in your company. The absence management system can also be automated to send out reminders to absent employees, like for instance, a reminder that they need to submit a note from their doctor or a written explanation for their absence upon rejoining duty.

Sometimes the absence may not be intentional. A lot of professions, like drivers and nurses, need to be licensed to go about with their job. You can program your HR system with email alerts when one's license is about to expire; this will help you tackle crisis, rather than finding yourself in a situation where staff come in but are unable to work. This can also make you better in the art of absence management.

How much can you really save?

Those who use absence management software have reported savings C$ 202,000 directly. Indirectly, the total savings have been estimated to be double, around a figure of C$ 400,000. All this resulting from a reduction in unplanned absence, amounting to 2.6 days in a year per employee.


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