Help Your Employees Work Smarter in Four Easy Ways Posted on: 08-12-2015

Productivity is an important aspect of any organization. It determines the very success of the company. And since productivity comes mostly from the employees of a company, it makes them the foremost torchbearer in determining the success of any company. Keeping employee productivity and morale high is extremely important. Productivity is basically how much work is getting done efficiently during a certain period of time. So in order to increase productivity it is important to help employees work faster, so that they can achieve their goals and that of the company’s in a timely and efficient manner.

Interim deadlines

Whenever an employee is allotted a certain project, which is generally big in size, they try to schedule their work to meet the final deadline. This can result in procrastination and also delay due to errors and reviews. Setting interim deadlines help employees to break down their deliverables in stages, and also review them from time to time, thus meeting the final deadline, fully prepared. A big project divided into smaller portions will help employees to work faster in a much more focused manner.

Give them options

When it comes to carrying out a certain task, do not limit their options of the ways in which they can do it. It takes away employee’s ability to use their own methods to work faster and in a more efficient manner. They might also work slow and delay deliverables to show retaliation. Giving them some options and letting them choose one which suits them the best works well. It lets you keep your style of working while giving them the freedom of choosing the best option for them.

Setting expectations

Communicate freely with the employees. Let them know what you expect of them and that you have confidence in them that they will follow through the task responsibly. When expectations are clearly communicated, employees feel more responsible and accountable toward the work at hand. This will make them put in the extra effort to please you and achieve the goals faster.

Identify issues

When you find an employee, whom you were very pleased to hire in the first place, working slow and inefficiently, you should find out the reason behind the low productivity first. Do not give up on the employee as there might be many reasons to their low productivity. It could be lack of training, scheduling issues, overlapping deliverables or even personal problems. Help them help themselves. This will, in turn, assist you in boosting their morale and helping them work better and faster.


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