Getting back into the work groove Posted on: 09-09-2015

With Labour Day behind us, the kids back to school, and limited summery weather remaining it's time to get back to work.

With so many people taking time of during the summer, September brings everyone back to work and sometimes it's hard to get back into it the groove

There are lots of little tips and tricks to get get you settled again after some time away.


 Get organized

Tidy up your work space.  Clear off all the unanswered mail and clutter.  Take a few minutes to process everything you've missed and figure out what is most urgent.


Make a prioritized list of tasks

Make a conscious effort to prioritize your work. What projects were you working on before you left the office? What are the five most important tasks to accomplish your first day back?


Review your calendar

Scan your calendar for the next couple of days to get an idea of upcoming meetings, due dates, projects and other concerns. You’ll be better prepared for the days ahead and won’t be completely caught off guard.


Take it one day at a time

Don't stress about how much was missed and everything that needs to be done.  Do one task at a time and realize that you are only one person and it's better for you to focus and start completing tasks slowly versus wasting time stressing and getting nothing done as a result.


Leave the office on time

Just because you took a vacation doesn't mean you have to work extra hours now.  Everyone is entitled to time off.  You had yours and now it's time to focus during work hours so you can leave on time and enjoy your time off.






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