Four Things that can Improve Workplace Productivity Posted on: 04-11-2015


Workplace productivity is an issue that employers and managers from every industry have to deal with. No matter how well you choose your employees, there will always be someone who will not adhere to guidelines, skimp on clocking in and out, miss deadlines and be low on motivation. Even a single such employee can bring the entire team down by lowering their enthusiasm, slowing down the work of the entire team, and eventually dragging everyone down with them if not checked in time. How can you ensure that such situations are avoided in your company?


Four ways to improve employee productivity at the workplace

There is something important that you should do when productivity drops. You have to ensure that you keep a tab on every employee and their work and pick out the ones that might cause trouble later. Speak to them and understand what the issues are, and if there is anything you could do to make it better. Doing so on a regular basis will help you contain dips in productivity.


A few more ways to improve employee productivity:

Have accountability for assigned work – When assigning work, ensure that you make it clear that the particular task is now the employee’s responsibility, and they will be answerable for it when anyone enquires about the progress. Accountability also includes absence management and time attendance.

Follow-up but not micromanage – Once work is assigned, ensure that you keep a tab on the progress of the work and if deadlines are being met. However, it is important not to interfere in the way the task is done at every step. Employees need some freedom so they can work in a way that is comfortable to them, without being told exactly what to do at each step.

Encourage good work – If an employee is performing well, recognize and reward it. Recognition can help encourage them to keep doing good work and get better at what they do. It is also a way of motivating other employees to improve their work.

Set realistic deadlines – A big reason why your employees may not be delivering good work or sticking to deadlines is because they are unrealistic. If you give too much work and too little time to your team, they will either do a shoddy job and complete on time, or do good work, but delay completion. Do not set unrealistic deadlines and standards when you assign work.


These few simple steps can ensure that your employees are motivated, accountable and productive at the workplace.



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