Five Ways You Can Improve Employee Engagement Posted on: 17-12-2015

Employee management is quintessential to the success of any firm. It is only by engaging employees in the activities and information-sharing within the company can managers expect them to participate fully. By letting them know what is going on within the organization, its short-term and long-term goals, you can expect your employee to work responsibly. Give your employees responsibilities and the autonomy to carry out those responsibilities. Here are five ways in which you can improve employee engagement in your organization.

Solicit insights and ideas

It motivates employees to feel that their insights and ideas are appreciated by the management. It makes them feel more connected to the goals of the organization and helps them align their work goals with that of the organization’s. It also helps them see that their activities are directly related to the success of the organization, thus making them more accountable and responsible towards their duties.

Testing new ideas

There will always be some employees with the entrepreneurial streak in them and the zeal to do something more than their roles allow them to. It is important to recognize and give some more responsibility to these employees who are ready to go the extra length to grow in the organization. Let them try their own methods and allow them to fail. This will help you to find out the gems of the future who will work intelligently toward achieving the goals of the company.

Anonymous feedback

Many a time, employees lose interest in work because of certain issues they face which they cannot do anything about. Anonymous feedback let employees communicate their grievances about the company processes, and their supervisors, thus creating a better work environment for them.

Giving feedback

Working without knowing what you are doing right or wrong is like working on an assembly line. Let employees know about their strengths and weaknesses to help them improve and continue their good work. Doing this ensures that they know that the company cares about their performance.

Promote from within

When there is a position available in your company, try to look for people whom you can promote from within. This increases employee morale as they know that whenever there is a vacancy, if they are working well, there is a big chance they can fill a higher position. This creates a new goal for them to work towards and is beneficial for both the company and to them.


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