Employers should ensure their staff fully unplugs while on vacation Posted on: 27-07-2015



A vacation with no contact to pending work duties seems a thing of that past. In a recent survey by Randstad Canada, 60% of men, and 45% of women felt pressured to remain available by phone or email while taking their planned vacations.

Randstad Canada's Faith Tull says employers have a responsibility to help employees strike the right balance, which she says is essential to keeping them motivated and ready for new challenges.

"We need to encourage them to disconnect completely from time to time, and be careful as managers not to blur the lines between home and work,'' Tull says.

By not allowing employees to fully take a break from their work life, they are effecting their productivity in the workplace, as tired and overstressed employees will invariably perform less efficiently than an employee who has had a chance to recharge their batteries. 

Employers that fail to take this into consideration risk alienating their staff and impacting their morale.

Furthermore, the advances in technology mean that it is no longer necessary to overload staff members with projects - particularly during their vacation time.

For example, HR Software makes it easier for employers to increase efficiency, minimize the risk of error and reduce administration time. It gives you one central place where all relevant employee details are stored and includes integrated vacation planning and absence management.

This means it will be easier for employers to plan their schedules more effectively and delegate tasks accordingly.


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