Do you need a better HR Management system? Posted on: 06-11-2015

According to the 18th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, HR systems are on the rise in a big way. Management systems are being offered and HR teams in almost all industries are lapping them up and upgrading existing systems. Migration to cloud services has seen an almost 20 percent jump in 2015, with small and medium enterprises being a biggest consumers of such services. Should you be following the trend and getting a good HR Management system in place? Read on for some more facts on the subject.


Global trends in HR Management usage

• HR Management systems have been on the rise, with a jump of over 20 percent in each.

• Over 90 percent of HR processes are now available and being used on mobile devices by HR professionals.

• Workforce management, including absence management software, time tracking software and such are being used to reduce time wastage and work towards better productivity.

• There is a lot more funding being given to developing and fine tuning HR systems to make them more viable and accessible for companies.


Should you have a HR management system in place?


 • You will be able to track your employees better. Time and attendance software can help automate the tracking process.

• The system can help you manage employee attendance by keeping morale high and managing leaves taken by each employee.

• The system can automate the payroll process, calculating leaves and absence accurately. You can ensure that employee payments are made on time and with accuracy.


There are many systems available on the market today and it's worth making a list of your must-have requirements so you can make an informed decision.


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