Boosting security with Biometrics Posted on: 18-06-2015



Introducing tighter security and boosting productivity is one of the major concerns of North American businesses.

Hardly a day goes by without a new study or report highlighting the importance of improving efficiency and clamping down on fraud in the workplace.

This has helped to explain the popularity of biometric identity systems, which utilize biological data to prevent unauthorized access into a building.

Fingerprint, iris, finger vein, and palm vein biometrics are used by a number of different organizations and businesses all over the world to protect sensitive data, restrict access to a building - or to certain parts of a building - and identify staff members.

Not only does it help boost security, but it also assists in areas such as employee time and attendance, point of sale access, identity management and fraud reduction.

All too often, businesses throw away significant amounts of money due to things such as 'buddy punching' (where employees clock in on behalf of another) or failure to accurately gauge when employees have started their shift.

Using biometrics to help in this area of workforce management is far more reliable than other more fallible technologies such as passwords, key fobs or the use of pin numbers.

In addition to boosting security and drastically reducing time theft, it eliminates the need to keep manual time and attendance records, decreases staff overheads, and produces accurate labour data. All of this helps to boost productivity.

However, one of the traditional concerns associated with using biometric systems is the lack of privacy. 

Such technology is unlikely to be popular among employees who may feel that their privacy is being violated or that their biological details will be stored indefinitely on commercial systems.

However, at Mitrefinch, our biometric technology does not retain records of fingerprints and cannot be retrieved from the terminals.

Our software only stores fingerprint templates, not the fingerprints themselves. This gives it the added benefit of improving individual as well as company security.


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